Her inspiration lay in his eyes. It always had.

And maybe it was that what led her to believe his innocence. She believed the truth in his eyes.

But when those eyes closed forever, she was the one who was blinded.


The End.

“But it can’t be.”

The words seemed to hover in the air, slowly fading away.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. They had never meant for things to end this way.

So this, this was where it all led? All the promises, all the dreams and their hopes?

But she said she would be here, he thought. She promised. His predicament did not allow him to see, but at least he’d have heard her voice. That cheerful tone. Did she forget or had she given up? But she would never forget. That could only mean one thing. They were history.


He knelt down, and his hands touched concrete. He let the flowers lie in their wake. Then he turned around, vowing never to look for her again. His walking stick guided him out of there. Out of the graveyard.

He had just fulfilled her last wish. He had left her flowers at her grave.

Who she is.

A thirteen-year old fighting with her demons. To her, satisfaction is death. She falls in love everyday with the little things in life, and gets her heart broken ever so often. Doesn’t know who she is or where she belongs. But determines to find out someday. She’s discovering herself, bit by bit, day by day. Her dream is to leave a mark, live for a reason and die for a cause. Her everyday struggle is to be a better person than she was yesterday. Believes in trivial things such as magic, love and humanity.

Her heart is owned by her one true love, music. Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys guide her through everyday while Ed Sheeran sings her to sleep. Songs get her through midnight meltdowns. She reads books to escape from reality. Reality never fascinated her much, anyway. Today, books are her reality.

Constantly conflicted, she has never known tranquility.

‘The middle of adventure is such a perfect place to start.’

This is her story, right from the middle.