Back among the quiet streets,  he said we’d be stars.

Said, our love would lie in the galaxies.

Every night a new fight.

We’d shine the brightest in the darkness of the night.

But now I’m in a crowded city,

And the sky lies in cracks between the skyscrapers,

The smoke and filth burns my eyes,

The stars were a story of the past,

Oh, take me back to the start.




Keeping love in photographs.

One face smiled at him, much brighter than the thirteen others.

Putting his family picture back inside his wallet, he took out another.

Now only one face smiled. His daughter. His little girl.

The war had been long. Too long and too cruel.

He was a changed man. With a pang he realized that everything back home had changed too.

His little girl was no longer little.

She had learnt about this cruel world too, he thought, as he knelt in front of her grave.


Defying gravity.

He was my sun, my world revolved around him.

I was his earth, I was his world.

We lived on a planet that insisted that love was like falling.

Fell down too far, felt the darkness envelope us.

Until he decided to defy gravity, rising like a star.

He left me here, on this Earth.

But he was my sun, so my world no longer turns.

And I’m stuck here on this endless day, while my lover reigns over the night sky.



I remember the day we met.

You stood there, made of all the colours there ever were. You  were there, like this unforgettable portrait of  all the beauty in the world. You were there,  like a reference to every masterpiece ever drawn.

I gaped, in awe of all that was you. All the light and hope that you radiated all around.

And now that you’re gone, my world is devoid of everything. Even darkness.