An Idea for a Poem.

I come alive in the brightest of minds,

At first they wonder why.

I grow stronger in their heads,

Until I learn to fly.

I learn their inner workings

Before the day is done.

In the end, now a sapling,

Their thousand masks I’ve worn.

Then a friend helps me out,

Logic falls in place.

In their brains now I shout,

Never had a fairer race.

I grow stronger by the moment,

They cannot put me to rest;

Seeking silence they spread the thought,

And everyone is now earnest.

I’m more than I was now,

Never been so fine;

I’m a possibility, now they know,

So I’ll never die.

But these are mere mortals in my vicinity,

So I let them be aloof,

Death is their only certainty;

But me? Ideas are bulletproof.


(I love the movie V for Vendetta and this line stuck with me through nights of brainstorming. Hence, this.)


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