No fire in your heart

elegance in your veins still

as dead as the night.


(I’ve been reading a lot of haiku poems recently. So, I thought I’d give it a try.)



Exploited colony to largest democracy,

And still fighting off illiteracy.

Robbed and ruined, but never lost our soul,

In world history we’ve always played our role.

Calculate our economy in whatever currency,

We created the decimal system as well as geometry.

Worldwide our army’s the third largest,

And in diversity we leave no room for contest.

No longer a land of snake-charmers and fire-breathing,

We love our culture and values more than anything.

Texture of land is not the only thing here that changes;

We also have the most number of post offices.

Our scientists and engineers outnumber all countries but one,

Even had a scientist for President – APJ Abdul Kalam.

Guess who invented chess,

But never invaded another country in all its years?

We have our faults and shortcomings,

But the world is still turning,

And so, even at the strike of dawn,

I’ll be proud to be an Indian.


(I initially wrote this for a school project, but figured this is a nice place to have it as well.)

Across the fence.

This invisible line between us,

The line we say we won’t cross.

The line we draw between black and white,

This side is wrong, the other one right.

Do you believe in it’s existence,

This line that acts like a fence?

But this fence keeps you at bay,

So here I’ll stay.

On the side of right, 

From the break of dawn until midnight. 

A prophecy from the past.

We live in maybes and almosts, and tell ourselves no is for the forlorn,

Love’s around the corner, we won’t always be alone. 

We wear our hearts on our sleeves, but never soak them dry,

From the tears of days gone by.

Once, broken, I asked,

‘There are crystal hearts just waiting to be smashed,

And out to break them are the ones that never last’

– Truth, or just a prophecy from the past?


In response to : Prophecy.



An Idea for a Poem.

I come alive in the brightest of minds,

At first they wonder why.

I grow stronger in their heads,

Until I learn to fly.

I learn their inner workings

Before the day is done.

In the end, now a sapling,

Their thousand masks I’ve worn.

Then a friend helps me out,

Logic falls in place.

In their brains now I shout,

Never had a fairer race.

I grow stronger by the moment,

They cannot put me to rest;

Seeking silence they spread the thought,

And everyone is now earnest.

I’m more than I was now,

Never been so fine;

I’m a possibility, now they know,

So I’ll never die.

But these are mere mortals in my vicinity,

So I let them be aloof,

Death is their only certainty;

But me? Ideas are bulletproof.


(I love the movie V for Vendetta and this line stuck with me through nights of brainstorming. Hence, this.)


Back among the quiet streets,  he said we’d be stars.

Said, our love would lie in the galaxies.

Every night a new fight.

We’d shine the brightest in the darkness of the night.

But now I’m in a crowded city,

And the sky lies in cracks between the skyscrapers,

The smoke and filth burns my eyes,

The stars were a story of the past,

Oh, take me back to the start.